AN UPCOMING meeting of the borough’s planning panel will decide on plans for 123 new homes.

Allerdale Borough Council has received an application for planning permission from David Hayward of Story Homes, proposing 123 new homes in High Harrington.

Land east of Main Road, Harrington could see the construction of 123 residential dwellings with associated parking, access and landscaping if approval is given at the council’s development panel on Tuesday September 28.

Detailed planning approval for 115 dwellings was previously granted on July 17 2019.

A neighbour of the proposed site has submitted a letter saying they “object strongly” to the proposal. They said: “The roads through High Harrington are already very busy and congested with often queues of traffic waiting on Scaw Road and Crooklands trying to join the A595 and A597 to the South and East respectively.”

But in their planning statement, Story Homes said: “As a considerate developer, the proposed development has been designed with the consideration of existing residents in mind, particularly to the North and to the West of the site.”

The same resident objected on ecological grounds, fearing that the area’s wildlife could be affected by the development.

They said: “The proposed development site is located adjacent to our garden hedge, we often watch red squirrels passing through the field to our hedge and we are worried about the impact of destroying their natural habitat, especially as they are a protected species.”

And the applicant did acknowledge that there is nesting wildlife nearby.

The site is used by commuting and foraging bats based on previous survey”

There are also suitable habitats for nesting notable bird species including ground nesting birds. Suitable habitats for badgers and red squirrels were also found in the area.

However, Story Homes has set out plans for ecological mitigation including precautionary working and lighting considerations so as not to disturb wildlife.

They believe the development would contribute to the community.

“The additional affordable houses to be provided by the proposal would increase access to affordable housing in the borough, in accordance with Strategic Objective 2D of the Allerdale Local Plan.