LIVESTOCK auctioneers, Harrison & Hetherington, have launched “The David Allen Stockperson of the Year” Competition at Borderway Agri Expo, aimed at the industry’s next generation.

The competition, which is being run in conjunction with David Allen Accountants, the British Charolais Cattle Society (BCCS), Carbon Metric, the North of England Mule Sheep Association (NEMSA) and Cumbrian Young Farmers, will see entrants put through their paces across a spectrum of stockmanship fields throughout four competitive classes.

It will take place at this year’s Borderway Agri Expo showcase, held on Friday, October 29.

Entries are invited in pairs from anyone aged between 16 and 26 years, however you must be an active member of a Young Farmers Club to be eligible.

Competitors will be required to demonstrate the insight and attributes required to manage livestock and an understanding of managing carbon outputs in a forward-thinking industry.

With cash prizes up for grabs for first, second and third places, the overall winners will also be presented with a special trophy.

This fresh new addition to the Agri Expo programme is the brainchild of Laura Millar, Livestock Scheme Manager and Fieldperson at Harrison & Hetherington.

Commenting on the launch of the competition, Laura said: “As a young person herself working within the livestock industry, I was really keen to add something to Agri Expo that highlighted the next generation. The industry is evolving at such a pace, and it is more important than ever for farmers to be forward-thinking and proactive.”

With the competition taking place throughout the day, Class 1, sponsored by NEMSA, will be a test of stock judging and will require competitors to place animals in the correct order as determined by the judge.

Class 2, sponsored by BCCS, will challenge their knowledge of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) with competitors being asked to select a breeding bull for a given scenario based on four sets of EBVs.

Class 3 will be a Carbon Challenge, sponsored by Carbon Metrics, and will be a Q&A on how a farm can become carbon neutral.

Finally, Class 4 will see each pair value four different grades of stock - i.e., Store Animals, Calves, Prime Lambs and Breeding Sheep.

Simon Travis of Carbon Metrics says: “It is absolutely imperative that agriculture acknowledges its role within the Net Zero agenda, and Carbon Metrics is experienced in working with farming enterprises to help them enhance their environmental credentials.”

He added: “Currently farmers are being challenged to address their net Zero Policies, and this is certainly what consumer are demanding. We want the next generation of farmers to take the initiative and lead the way in managing and reducing their carbon outputs.

“Farmers are going to have to use carbon accountancy as they address areas of business and farm productivity. Many farmers are not sure as to where to begin in terms of measuring their carbon usage and emissions from their farming enterprises, so this is another way of showing the way for the future.”

Entries for the ‘The David Allen Stockperson of the Year’ competition will be taken on the day in Ring 4 at Borderway Agri Expo.