This month a man is taking on an outstanding challenge to raise awareness around those who have lost their life to suicide.

Matt Bagwell, 52, will be taking on a cross country challenge where he will be running 1050km across the country.

In the coming week he will be passing through Cumbria where he will run from Haltwhistle to Penrith in this leg of the journey.

Mr Bagwell said: "Why am I doing this challenge? I’ve been there. I’ve literally stepped onto the edge, more than once.

"At the last minute, for love, for family, for a tiny glimmer of hope, I chose a different path.

"Now I want to share hope, because I know there are so many others across the country who are facing that same darkness.

Matt will be running twenty one consecutive ultra marathons across the country and will be soon embarking on his Cumbrian adventure.

He started the challenge on the 5th September in Cornwall and will finish it on the 5th of October, totalling a full month of ultra marathons.

On Sunday 19th September he will run the Haltwhistle to Penrith route.

An astounding challenge that will be over thirty miles is distance.

An ultra marathon is any run longer than 26 miles in distance so Matt is really going above and beyond here.

He is hoping to raise funds for the charity CALM and raise awareness around male suicide.

Matt started running to help him through the difficult times that he has been through in his own life.

He is now a certified breathwork instructor who runs free classes on Instagram each week under the @lovetolearnto handle.

Matt will be solely supported by his wife Michelle who will be driving alongside him every step of the way.

Anna Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, CALM said: "Matt is one of CALM's most dedicated supporters, and his ambitious plan to run the country in support of our life saving work is inspiring.

"His commitment to engaging with local communities and get them speaking about CALM is vital in our fight against suicide, and ensuring people live a life less miserable.

"Matt is self-funding his challenge, meaning that all money raised goes towards our helpline services."

Why not come to support Matt as he passes through.