PRIME Minister Boris Johnson's words about a another lockdown in the UK have sparked a debate amongst News & Star readers.

Reports have said that Mr Johnson is 'dead set' on avoiding another lockdown as we appraoch the winter months.

He will take part in a press conference today in which he is expected to underline how vaccinations will be a central part of responding to coronavirus in the coming months.

These reports provoked criticism from News & Star readers.

Commenting on the News & Star Facebook page, Ian Haslam said: "Everything this bloke says seems to be a lie so god knows what he’s got planned."

Louise McAdam Johnson was also sceptical.

She said: "Where have I heard that before?"

Sandy Williamson said that there would not be another UK-wide lockdown "because Boris would rather people die than the economy because he's a soulless mop."

Heidi Halland added: "I'm done listening to anything that comes out of that lots mouths."

Aaron Little was explicit in his disapproval, calling the Prime Minister a "clown".

David Bellington offered a warning: "Listen to the experts."

On the question of whether there will be another lockdown, Phil Rickerby said: "I should think so"

Others were in support of the Prime Minister's view.

Diane Little said: "I will not lockdown again."

Becky Dent added: "We have to learn to live with it running into lockdown every time the numbers go up isn't no good!

"It's life now! If people are that worried don't come out your house or see anyone the rest of us want a life."

Lynda Ann Mynott said: "Most people wouldn't stand for another lockdown."

Jon Terrett added: "No more lockdowns."

Charlotte Robinson said: "No one will stick to it now."