An new piece of street art is being added to Carlisle's ever-growing outdoor gallery.

Dutch artists, Tymon De Laat, is known for his colourful and energetic street art taht can be found across the world, including his hometown of Rotterdam.

The artist has returned to Carlisle to create a new piece on the side of the U-Student Carlisle building on John Street this week.

Owner and Director of Landmark Street Art, Ben Heslop, said he was delighted to see the artist return to the city.

"He is another really world class portraiture artist who paints all over the world and its amazing to have him back," said Ben.

The Dutch artist, who started painting his new piece on Sunday September 12, has been given access to what Ben called a "really prominent wall" in the city.

Ben added that he hopes De Laat can add to Carlisle's growing street art scene.

He said: "It’s brilliant because it shows that what we are building is being recognised by the wider community of artists who are painting all over the world and it reminds us that our mission to curate world class public art in the city is achievable and something that really matters.

"This time, the public are lot more aware of what we do and now people know its happening we’ve had a lot of them coming down to try and meet him, see where this piece of art is and to take pictures.

"It shows that people really engage with the whole process of bringing in real talent to create and curate art on the streets.

"It is upping our profile on the world wide stage.

"It’s adding a lot more cultural capital to the city that it can offer. That can only be a good thing.

"Whether that’s more people spending their money here whilst they travel up to see what is happening, or making the city more desirable for people who are working in it and living in it."

A street art tour of Carlisle, which is being led by not-for-profit Blank Wall Assassins, is available to view at