Readers have been responding to a story following the recent discoveries at a Roman archaeological site.

A number of tiles that have been found at an archaeological dig in Carlisle are adding to a growing base of evidence that could prove Carlisle had a link to the Roman imperial court thousands of years ago.

The first of a growing collection of tiles with the imperator (IMP) stamp at Carlisle Cricket Club in Stanwix, Carlisle was found in 2017 when the Roman bathhouse at the site was first discovered.

In the past week, the team have been uncovering more of these tiles with the "very rare"stamp on them.

"The Romans would quite often stamp their tiles.The legions would stamp tiles, the auxiliaries would stamp tiles; but this is the very top of the pile," said Lead archaeologist on site, Frank Giecco.

"This is the imperial court stamping the tile.

"There have been a handful found in Carlisle at random places."

"We have probably got a dozen now from this site and it looks like this is where they are coming from."

"It's been built by the imperial machine and it's a connection.

"I can't say that Septimus Severus ever set foot in Carlisle.

"Who knows?"

Here is what you had to say.

Claire Burgess said: "I went down yesterday helping and it is a shame if it has to be buried again.

"The wash house and the boiler along with the Roman road is just amazing to see."

Julie Elliot said: "Maybe the council will make us a heritage site for the Romans, like York is, but that’s miles away from Hadrian's Wall."

Ian Green who took part on the dig said: "I've been volunteering on the site, and it's absolutely brilliant.

"Come down and have a look!

"Carlisle had the largest fort on Hadrian's Wall, but (until now) there's been nothing to see."