Readers have been responding to a story following the developments at The Sands Centre.

At a meeting of Carlisle City Council’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee on Thursday, deputy chief executive Darren Crossley gave an update on the £25 million redevelopment of The Sands Centre.

Work on the new look of Carlisle’s iconic venue is well underway and Mr Crossley said that the contract holder has been resilient and adaptable to the circumstances.

He said: “The main works contract is with Wates Construction Limited who’ve been with us through the development stage and now the construction who we’re working I think very well with, we have our moments of course but a really good team ethic.”

“We are at the time of reporting about three days behind schedule but contractually and working with Wates they don’t expect that to be a significant issue.”

Here is what you had to say.

Sandra Parker said: "Wonder how much admission to concerts etc. will go up to pay for it all.

"Probably everything will go up in price to use facilities."

Stuart Millar said: "Waste of money, there are other things the money would have been better spent on, for example, roads, free youth centres or, Botchergate."

Lena Mcallister said: "Looking forward to it.

"I just hope the wheelchair accessibility is top end with it being all brand new, and there is more than five items I will be able to use this time."