ONE of the joys of visiting the Lakeland Motor Museum is you can sometimes spot stunning motor vehicles even before stepping through the doors!

The car park at the Backbarrow attraction is often filled with classic motors as it’s a natural and much-loved destination for classic car clubs from around the country – and they always receive a warm reception at the museum.



Whether it’s classic Corvettes, elegant Jaguar E-Types or retro Rovers – the visit of a car club can create something of a stir above and beyond that of the many attractions inside the museum.

After all the disruption of the pandemic, the museum is looking forward to a busy season with four car clubs booked in to visit over the next month.

The Lakeland Historic Car Club holds its monthly meeting at the museum on Saturday, September 4 between 10am and 12pm.

The club was established in 1981 to encourage the preservation and use of historic vehicles. It does car runs in Cumbria, Yorkshire and North Lancashire.

On Sunday, September 5, it’s the turn of the Classic Corvette Club UK with small groups visiting through the day while it holds its Northern meet at Ullswater.

It’s the only national club catering for fans and owners of the Corvette.

MUSEUM: Corvette at the Lakeland Motor Museum

MUSEUM: Corvette at the Lakeland Motor Museum

The club was formed in 1979 by three Corvette enthusiasts.

The car park will be the place to spot retro Rovers on Saturday, September 11, when the Rover P4 Driver’s Guild arrives at the museum with between 15 to 20 vehicles at around 1pm.

It’s the only club dedicated to the support of the Rover 60, 75, 80, 90, 95,100, 105 and 110 range of cars manufactured between 1949 and 1964.

Its aim is to preserve their cars for regular use.

CARS: The Jaguar group

CARS: The Jaguar group

Then, on Sunday September 12, the jaguar E-Type Owner’s Club (Cumbria and Lancashire groups) are due to visit around 2pm in the afternoon.

The E-Type, which was manufactured by Jaguar between 1961 and 1975, has become an icon of the motoring world with its combination of high performance and beauty.

Whenever an E-Type takes to the road it tends to turn heads. So, the Lakeland Motor Museum car park may well host added attractions on top of the many that can be found within its bright blue walls.