A CARLISLE band played their biggest gig yet at a Cumbrian festival on Saturday.

Indie Street Club performed at Solfest for the first time on Saturday.

The band played to a bustling crowd at the Solway Bar stage, just before headliners and punk legends Buzzcocks.

Ryan Davidson, guitarist and vocalist in Indie Street Club, said: "We were buzzing. It was the perfect slot.

"There was another band on opposite at the mainstage so I didn’t think it was going to be busy but it was absolutely packed.

"It was probably one of the best places that we’ve played since we’ve been together.

"There were so many people there. It was packed out, all the way from the stage to the bar.

"There were folk asking for our setlists afterwards and that was a good feeling because you know people have enjoyed it."

Alongside the 23-year-old Davidson are Daniel Kelton, 21, bass guitar, Connor McDermot, 23, drums, and Alex De Freitas, 18, guitar.

The band formed in 2019, but have been unable to gig for much of their existence due to lockdowns and no live music gigs.

This was only the second time that the four-piece had played since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ryan said: "We only played a little warm up gig in a pub in Keswick. Just a little corner in a pub so it was quite a big step up."

The group are looking forward to playing Prest Fest in Ayrshire next weekend and feel confident that they will be invited back to Solfest next year.