Members of the skating community in Carlisle came out to show their appreciation of a much-loved indoor skate park on the weekend.

The Project One 10k Skate-a-thon invited people to skate around the Carlisle Cycle Circuit in Harraby on Saturday August 28 to help support and fund the growth of the Project One indoor skatepark in Carlisle.

In all, 25 people skated a combined distance of just under 250km around the cycle circuit and raised £1,174 in total.

The organiser of the skate-a-thon and avid user of Project One, Lochlan Dolson, explained the importance of the indoor skate park - especially when considering the Cumbrian weather.

“In Carlisle, it used to be six months of skating and six months of skating if you were lucky - under a bridge, next to Tullie House or at the subway,” said Lochlan, 32.

"It's so important to have an indoor space.

"There's no drugs, no alcohol. It's warm, it's friendly and it's safe.

"It will also get more people skating. Some people don't skate because they are too anxious about those other elements.

"It's adding to the community that already existed. It's bringing new and increasingly younger people in.

"It's a really nice thing to see."

Young and experienced skaters turned up to the skate-a-thon.

One girl, Sophie Lowry, was one of the first to make it to 10 kilometers.

She was just about to stop when she got to 15 laps until it was brought to her attention that one more would take her up to 10 miles.

There was elation among everyone at the circuit when she crossed the line having pushed on to do one more lap.

Lochlan added: "The day was amazing and everyone was so stoked to be there.

"I'm so grateful for the amount of people that turned up and donated to support a cause that means so much to me."

You can still donate on Lochan's Just Giving page here