Dozens of homes are without power after an 'unexpected incident' has caused an outage.

Almost 100 homes are without supply say Electricity North West who currently have engineers en route to the problem.

A spokesman for the power giant said: "This power cut has been caused by an unexpected incident on the high voltage cable that provides electricity to your home or business.

"We didn't know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.

"Please be aware that all our time scales are estimated based on previous experience and may change if new information becomes available while our engineers are fixing the issue.

"With high voltage power cut’s, we're often able to get many of the homes involved back on before our estimated time of restoration."

Currently, power is expected to be back on at about 8pm tonight.

Postcodes affected:

CA5 7EJ, CA5 7NA, CA5 7DA, CA5 7QG, CA5 7QN, CA5 7QQ, CA5 7QW, CA5 6JP, CA5 7QH, CA5 7QL, CA5 7QP, CA5 7QR, CA4 0DX, CA5 7LB, CA5 7LD, CA5 7BX, CA5 7JS, CA5 7NQ, CA5 7JX, CA5 7DE, CA5 7AG, CA5 7DD, CA5 7AB, CA2 6BZ, CA4 9LU, CA5 7DS, CA5 7AF, CA5 6BS, CA5 7AN, CA5 7DP, CA5 7AZ, CA5 7AH, CA5 7BA, CA5 7JT, CA7 2HZ, CA5 7AQ, CA5 7AY, CA5 7LJ, CA5 7AP, CA5 7AS, CA5 7AT, CA5 7AU, CA5 7AX, CA4 0RH, CA5 7AA, CA5 7AD, CA5 7QS, CA5 7BL, CA5 7BP, CA5 7BS, CA5 7BJ, CA5 7BT, CA5 7LX, CA5 7LS, CA5 7LT, CA5 7LU, CA5 7ND, CA5 7LR, CA5 7NW, CA7 2AL, CA5 7LP, CA4 9EH, CA5 7DB, CA5 7QX, CA5 7QY, CA5 7RD, CA5 7RE, CA5 7RA, CA5 7RB, CA5 7QZ, CA5 7RF, CA5 9HF, CA5 7LL, CA5 7LW, CA5 7PH, CA5 7PJ, CA5 7PL, CA5 7PT, CA5 7PW, CA5 7PY, CA5 7PX, CA5 7PZ, CA5 7QB, CA5 7NN, CA5 7NF, CA5 7NG, CA5 7BY, CA5 7BH, CA5 7QD, CA5 7QE, CA5 7QF, CA5 7QJ, CA5 7LH, CA2 4TU, CA2 4TX, CA2 4TY, CA2 4UQ, CA2 4UH, CA2 4UJ, CA2 4UP, CA5 7JA, CA5 7JE, CA5 7JG, CA5 7JF, CA5 7QU, CA5 7NY, CA5 7NU, CA5 7NX, CA5 7PB, CA5 7NR, CA5 7PA, CA5 7NS, CA5 7LN, CA5 7NE, CA5 7NJ, CA5 7NP, CA5 7NT, CA5 7AR, CA5 6LB, CA5 7JR