A DRIVER was made to regret his choices after a botched three-point turn left his vehicle in a lake.

Bystanders said the man reversed onto a grassy slope leading down to the water while attempting the manoeuvre on a narrow road.

He lost traction and his car slid down into Wastwater, with a conveniently placed rock fortunately arresting its slide and bringing it to a halt at the edge of the lake.

The photograph was taken by Peter White, who was on a family camping holiday in the area.

Mr White said he spoke to a family at the scene who were waiting for breakdown cover to arrive and had watched the scene involving the white Toyota unfold earlier that day.

He said the family filled him in on what had happened.

Apparently, a family of four had been in the car. Three of them had got out to take pictures of Wastwater while the driver attempted to turn around near the brick shelter towards the Nether Wasdale end of the lake.

He reversed onto the grassy slope at the edge of the road and the car slid down.

Mr White, from Bolton, said the family were not with the car when he was first at the scene. He returned to the spot the following day - Wednesday evening - and the vehicle was no longer there.

"It was just one of those novelty things," he said.

"I have never seen a car in a lake full stop, which is why I started taking the pictures.

"Given that you have got passing places and the slope on the grass, it's not the sort of thing I would do."