A Cumbrian health worker has taken to creating artwork during the coronavirus pandemic.

Simon McCall, 47, from Silloth has been putting his amazing work up for sale and buyers can choose how much they would like to pay for their piece.

Mr McCall said: "I rekindled a long-lost passion for creating digital artwork as a means of coping with the challenges of COVID-19 and lockdown.

Simon, who works as a full time health coach, is asking customers to pay what they feel would be an appropriate price.

As he says that his artwork will mean different things to different people.

So far he has been paid anywhere between £2 and £20 for his work and has had international buyers in the Netherlands and US.

Simon said that he was a keen artist in his teenage year but has not done anything like this since his twenties.

He has been working on hundreds of pieces and has so far completed a couple of dozen.

His artwork is available to buy as downloadable images which can be then printed on to a canvas or whatever the customer sees fit.

Mr McCall said: "The past year and a half has been hard.

"We've had to leave all of our own challenges and home turmoil at the door when we came to work, so we could focus on helping patients through their difficulties.

"To make matters worse, many of the coping strategies we relied upon to deal with stress and fatigue, such as spending time with family or socialising with friends, were no longer an option due to the lockdown restrictions."

Simon said that the artistic process helped him to reflect upon what was happening and now that we are returning to some sense of normal it felt right for him to share his artwork.

He told us that his colleagues have offered him some great feed back on his paintings that are available via https://grafics.co.uk.