Community’s shock as “substantial” cannabis farm is uncovered at a derelict building in St Bees.

Cumbria Police attended an address on Peck Mill, St Bees on July 28 shortly after 4pm where a substantial cannabis growth was found in an abandoned property.

A spokesperson for Cumbria Police said: “Enquiries are ongoing and officers would encourage anyone with information to contact police, referencing incident 121 of July 28.”

Copeland Borough Councillor Jeffrey Hailes said: “I’ve actually dealt with the property a few times, we’ve visited before with the PC and Copeland Borough Council.”

Councillor Hailes said: “We were quite concerned that young people were getting in so we decided to go into the grounds which were overgrown. There were vehicles covered under shrubs.

He said: “When we got into the property we found everything had been left in place for years.

“When you look through the windows you wouldn’t believe what we saw, as if someone shut the door to go out one day and never went back for many years.”

Ladders which young people were using to access the property were removed but it was not possible to make it fully secure.

Authorities have been cleaning up the grounds in the hope that something can be done with the property.

Attempts to clear the grounds have only recently uncovered the cannabis farm.

Councillor Hailes said: “I think there will be a bit of shock in the community that it has been going on.”