Hallbankgate Hub Community Shop and Café helped end the school year on a fun note with a writing competition in conjunction with Hallbankgate Primary School.

The competition was centred around the bright yellow chairs recently purchased.

Headteacher, Clare Hutton from Hallbankgate school was approached and thought the competition would be good way to end a challenging year on a fun and celebratory note, one of the photographs was selected as a prompt for the competition and an appropriate writing task set for each age group.

The response from the children was imaginative and creative with a diversity of ideas.

The winners were Ruby, Year 2-3 with her acrostic mature poem, “full of hope and enjoyment”; Louisa, Year 4 for her poem beginning “This is not just a chair, it’s a seat of memories" and; Jasmine, Year 5 for her poem about the chairs walking across the land and freezing at the sight of a human, the winners each received a £10 token also donated by Sheila.

All who took part received a personalised comment card, a Freddo bar and a bag of chocolate buttons - a display of all the entries and accompanying illustrations has been mounted in the café area for all to enjoy throughout the summer holidays.