One of Carlisle's most popular budding indie bands have been forced to postpone their nationwide tour.

The city group Hardwicke Circus began their UK tour in their hometown but have been forced to put their progress on hold following a freak injury to singer and guitarist Jonny Foster.

The six-piece were playing a show at The Horn in St. Albans when the injury occurred.

The band announced on their social media sites: "[Johnny ] requires surgery so unfortunately we have had to cancel our current tour & shows for a while."

A spokesperson for the band did, however, remain in positive tone and is backing Mr Foster and his bandmates to make a triumphant return when health allows.

He said: "Johnny broke his arm and essentially it's very painful so that's not ideal! But these things happen.

"The plan is that as soon as he returns to full fitness, they will be back on the road. Everything is going really well and we're starting to get some really promising interest from big national press and radio for the band.

"We've got a lot of good things in the pipeline.

"The album launch gig in Carlisle went fantastically well and they have stacks of dates from now and the end of the year but obviously if you're a guitarist and you've got a break of the arm, that's a debilitating injury.

Album reviews for their newest release 'The Borderland', which was launched at St Cuthbert's church in the city, have been universally positive and the spokesperson confirmed that the arm-break will not derail their burgeoning success.

There is a lot of competition and obviously a lot of the traditional routes such as touring have been closed off for the past 18 months.

"Now things appear to be going back to normal, I do think it's going to be a promising period for them. People really connect with them as a band as they're really funny and down to earth people.

"With the new record out, they were desperate to get out. Even though this is temporary, they will be back."