This weekend a local woman will be holding a charity market stall to raise money for a very important charity.

Glennis Sharpe, of Frizington, will be selling clothes and other goods to raise money for Diabetes UK.

The stall will be held at Mitchell's Sunday Market in Cockermouth on Sunday 25th July.

Ms. Sharpe said: "Diabetes is a condition that is very close to my heart.

"I have a daughter who suffers from diabetes so I understand the impact that it can have on people.

"All proceeds will be going towards Diabetes UK who are involved in research for treatment and cures for diabetes."

This will be the first car boot sale held in Cockermouth for sometime due to the pandemic.

So Glennis is eager to let people know that they can contribute towards helping an important cause.

She will be selling a range of goods including household items along with clothing and bags.

This will be the first time that Glennis has decided to do anything of this kind but is hoping to do the best that she can to support diabetes research.

Ms. Sharpe said: "I think sometimes that people don't want to do this sort of thing because they are afraid that they won't raise a good amount.

"But every little amount will help towards the work that Diabetes UK are doing."

Glennis explained that she is amazed at the progress she has seen in the way that diabetes can be treated in the time since her daughter was diagnosed.

She says that the technology being used is advancing so fast and she feels that she wants to be able to contribute something towards it.

Ms. Sharpe said: "It amazes me that now people who suffer from diabetes are able to test their blood sugar using their mobile.

"When my daughter was first diagnosed regular blood tests were needed to monitor this.

"So it's great to see that a lot of good works being done."

In future, Glennis is hoping to do even more to raise money for her cause.

This Christmas she is planning to make home made wreaths that she will sell with all proceeds going towards charity.

Diabetes UK have got involved to provide banners and leaflets.

These will be handed out this coming Sunday at the stall to provide people with information about the illness.

If you want to support Glennis' charity work and find out how to help, the stall will be open between 8am and 2pm.