FANS of the morbid and the macabre take note - a talk on the world's most notorious serial killers is coming to Carlisle.

Serial killer expert Cheish Merryweather - who has featured on BBC Radio - will give her 'An Evening of Serial Killers' talk at Tullie House. Fittingly, the talk will take place on Friday, August 13!

Cheish founded the Crime Viral online community in 2015, and it now has more than 350,000 Facebook fans.

She said she is looking forward to visiting the city.

Cheish said: "We came last year when the lockdown was sort of half lifted. Tullie House is such a beautiful venue.

"I will be bringing together criminology and forensic psychology alongside real-life chilling stories all about some of the world's most notorious cold-blooded killers.

"We're looking forward to coming to Carlisle."

Cheish's interest in serial killers goes back years - she began by reading books and staying up late to watch true crime documentaries.

Of course, now her interest has become more mainstream with the likes of Netflix pumping out countless series in the genre.

She added: "Now with Netflix, true crime is everywhere. There's a true crime boom at the minute, everybody is into it.

"True crime really is having its moment lately following the release of several serial killer specials on Netflix that gripped the public.

"Making a Murderer came out in 2015 and people started talking about it."