A number of homes in Keswick could experience a power outage this week as Electricity North West carry out work.

Power cuts are planned for properties in the town and we've rounded up the homes that could experience an outage.

All customers who could be affected have been informed.

The following power cuts are planned.


Postcodes affected: CA12 5TW, CA12 5TL, CA12 5TJ, CA12 5TH, CA12 5TG, CA12 5TD, CA12 5SZ, CA12 5SY, CA12 5SX, CA12 5ST

Customers without supply: 28

Power cut location: Keswick


Postcodes affected: CA12 5TN, CA12 5RY

Reference: 60512439

Customers without supply: 7

Power cut location: Keswick


For more details, view the Electricity North West website.

Link: https://www.enwl.co.uk/