A family-run blinds business described the first month in its new shop as "amazing" after having previously operated out the family home.

Ezi Blinds was taken over by Graham Elliot 14 years ago after he decided to leave his job in "high pressure" sales at another blinds company.

A day after he handed in his notice, Graham bought the company that had already been running for two years and started running it with his family from his own house.

The business sky-rocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic as more people looked to keep themselves occupied with home-refurbishment, and the family soon found a new shop on Stonegarth in Morton, Carlisle.

"When you've got 20 roller blinds piled up on you kitchen table and you're trying to have your tea, it does affect your home life," said Graham.

"I didn't realise how large my garage was until I moved everything out.

"I should have done it 10 years ago.

"I just wanted to work from home and do everything myself, but I think I've been a victim of my own success.

"There was just too much stock in my house.

"I never got away from work and I had it on my mind 24/7.

"Having the shop has taken a massive weight off my shoulders."

Graham said the first month at the shop has "blown" the family away, with existing customers returning and other businesses in the area wishing them well.

He added: "We've had this constant flow of people coming in the shop and the phone has never stopped.

"There's been a steady flow of people and my diary is full now until next month.

Having been able to open the new shop in the area where he grew up in was the cherry on the icing for Graham.

He said: "It means everything.

"I lived in this area, I've bought the shop here, and I think people appreciate that.

"I've got a lot of friends and family here. I walk out of the shop and there's always someone I know."