The friends of a Carlisle youngster who sadly passed away two years ago will pay tribute to his life with a charity football game this weekend.

This weekend, a football match will be held at Hammonds Park where Harry Armstrong, a popular city student, so often played the game he loved with his childhood friends, many of whom will take part in the event.

Organiser George Cullen explained that he grew up with Harry and that staging a game in his memory will be a poignantly appropriate way to mark his friend's life.

He stated: "Our parents all knew each other and we literally went from mother and toddler age right through primary school at Upperby and secondary school at Trinity.

"We were always a close bunch. Harry loved his football. He used to play on a Sunday night and with his older brother we'd all play together.Everything was football related.

Mr Cullen stated that, despite the sad circumstances, the event has brought people together.

"It has brought us together and in very sad circumstances we've become closer. Through speaking with people about Harry, you soon realise that he made a real mark on so many people.

"I know his nana and his mum appreciate how something so sad has created new friendships.

"I created the idea but never mentioned anything to anyone before going around to Harry's family to show them my plans. They're a very close family. Harry's nana was there and to see how much it meant to the whole family was lovely."

He also explained that an inspiration for the idea itself came from an uncle who set up a charity game his cousin back in 2005, in his memory.

"I didn't take part as I was too young but I realised that doing something like that for Harry would be a really fitting tribute.

"To play the game he loved together at the local park where he spent his entire childhood means a lot to us."

The game will take place at Hammonds Park at 1pm on July 24. The event will last for around 3-4 hours. Doors open at 6pm at Upperby Mens.