FUNDING has been granted that will allow summer activity programmes to go forth.

The Solway Hall in Whitehaven is a theatre venue that offers youth theatre classes and shows, and this year for the first time is putting on summer activities for children aged 11-25.

Julie Anne Kelly is in charge of fundraising for the Solway Hall, and said: “We got funding from the Department of Education at Cumbria County Council.

“The Solway Hall team came together to submit an application for funding, and we got it.

“We officially start next Monday.

“We are having a wide variety of events and activities, such as painting pebbles, singing, and later on in the day we also have football and volleyball.

“The events are for all young people aged 11-18 who receive free school meals, are on pupil premium, or are disadvantaged in some other way, such as being from a single parent household, if someone would prefer to speak to us privately to discuss their needs and entitlements, we can arrange for them to be included as well.

“The events run from July 9 till July 26, and this is the first year we are doing this and are put on by Solway Hall volunteers, but we also have ones that are put on by local people from Copeland, such as our singing class which is put on by Cathy Marcangelo, a choir director.

“The funding from the Department of Education at Cumbria County Council is really great.

“It’s not only to show the events that are going on this summer, but also as a continuation of the free school meals scheme, we provide food and so therefore it’s a great way to do so they’re trying to ensure you get one in the holidays too.”

For Julie Anne, the emphasis is: ‘places are filling very quickly, but there is still an opportunity to get one now."