A COMMUNITY interest company that recently won a contract to operate at a north Cumbrian park has applied for a licence to allow for the sale and supply of alcohol on the premises.

Tribe CIC applied for a Premises Licence at Carlisle City Council’s new cultural and creative courtyard at Bitts Park in Carlisle. There was a mixed response from our readers.

The licence will also allow the holding of regulated entertainment, including music, singing, dancing and other live performances. Tribe director Joe Gardham, said: “Our licensing application is to cover the provision of a single bar, run by an experienced in-house team. Our vision is a space where people enjoy alcohol responsibly and in a relaxed, safe family-friendly setting.”

As part of the operating model, which will open this summer, all tenants will be required to reinvest back into local disadvantaged communities. Joe added: “With over 40 applications for space so far from diverse, talented and exciting local residents, Tribe is going to be a place of intrigue, curiosity and adventure. Arts, culture and creativity are central to this, and our licensing application allows us to deliver regular programme of arts, music, performance, dance and entertainment."

Regarding the licence application, Marion Griffiths Mooney said: "No, it is not a good idea when there is so many children about."

Sheila Slee said: "I think that there is enough drunks in the park as it is."

Natalie Marie said: "Sounds good to me."

Carol Ashworth commented: "Children aren't allowed to buy alcohol so what's the problem?"