GOOD news for Cumbrian producers who supply First Milk with the dairy co-op announcing a 0.5p/litre price rise for August.

Meanwhile, Arla Foods is holding its current price for July.

First Milk’s price increase applies from August 1 and takes its manufacturing standard litre to 31.0p/litre.

The price includes the member premium payment for milk with 4.2 percent butterfat and 3.4 percent protein.

For the current milk year, the member premium is being held at 0.5p/litre, payable to those who have reached their capital target. The payment is made at the end of each milk year and for 2020-21 was worth £4,800 to the average member.

It is First Milk’s fourth consecutive monthly rise and vice-chairman Robert Craig, an Ainstable dairy producer, said the uptick was due to capital investments in efficiency and productivity at its processing sites. “We continue to deliver solid business performance and this increase reflects our aim to maximise our returns to members, particularly at a time when we know input costs are increasing at farm level,” Mr Craig said.

Meanwhile, Arla Foods has announced on-account prices for conventional and organic milk will remain unchanged from July 1.However, after adjustments due to currency value changes, the hold actually represents a 0.03p/litre reduction. It means when applied to the standard manufacturing litre Arla’s milk price will be 33.20p/litre for conventional and 41.56p/litre for organic milk.

Prices are based on every-other-day collection in the top-quality band and a 1m litre annual supply at 4.2 percent butterfat and 3.4 percent protein. For a standard litre at 4 percent fat and 3.3 percent protein, the price will be 31.95p/litre.