The theatre is returning to Wigton as a new play has been announced.

The John Peel Theatre in Wigton is putting on a murder mystery, The Great British Bump Off.

The production, on July 31 and August 1, will involve audience participation, blending the boundaries between reality and fiction and breaking the fourth wall, which will subvert some expectations.

Angela Faulder is an actor in the play, and is helping run and organise its production.

She said: “We started this play in January 2020, just before the lockdown. It has been a bit complicated with social distancing to plan around, and other regulations that would make the production of a play difficult.

“The play is about a village fête, where there is a bake off tent, a bit like the Great British Bake Off, but there’s a murder within.

“The audience has to help the officer, and help find out who did it.

“Among the cast, there’s a parish councillor who’s totally full of himself, a celebrity chef who does a hilarious impression of Gino D’Acampo, then there’s the character, who I play, Sarah, and she’s one of the villagers and the local hippy ­— everyone is a bit suspicious of what she puts in her brownies!

“It is the first play we have attempted to produce and put on since the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because of it we only have a third of our usual capacity, and we have had to employ social distancing and a one-way system throughout the theatre. Going forward, we are hoping that we will still be able to do our pantomime, and we are also planning another murder mystery for next year."