SPEED warning signs are to be erected at either end of Aspatria just three months after the town council was told they were unaffordable.

Concerns about speeding have been raised by the town council for many months - especially entering the town from the Workington side or leaving towards Carlisle

In March this year the council was told that Speed Indicator Devices were too expensive and it was unlikely Aspatria would get any,

This month, however, Cumbria County Council notified Aspatria that it would be buying two SIDs which would be put up on West Street and near Victoria Park on Park Road.

Councillors have also required about training with speed cameras.

This would enable them to patrol and photograph any speeding motorists.

The council has been told it will need a minimum of six volunteers for a training session to be held.

However, town clerk Clare McCormick said nothing could be done about training until all lockdown restrictions are lifted and the equipment became available.for councillors to use..