There was much debate about an outdoor market being reintroduced in Cockermouth at the latest town council meeting.

Members discussed the best location and day at a meeting on Wednesday evening. 
Allerdale Council is running a market consultation programme and asked for the town council’s views.

“The objective of an outdoor market in Cockermouth would be to provide a valuable local service to residents, provide an additional business opportunity for market traders, provide first time entrepreneurs with a low-cost option to trade, and additional reasons for tourists to visit,” said the Allerdale spokesman.

“In terms of location, two sites have been suggested: Sainsbury’s and Riverside car parks.”

The council also asked for views on location, day of the week and what type of goods it would like like to see for sale.

Councillors supported the market returning and discussed the best location and day. 

Coun Alan Kennon said: “It would be good, but we don’t want it to clash with markets we have.

"The one in the United Reformed Church is well established.

"We have a Market Place, I think we should have it there.

"There’s lighting, electric and water point, everything is in place.”
Some other councillors initially supported this idea.
Coun Richard Watson said: “Historically the market there was lovely but in this day and age it’s a traffic thoroughfare so would make life very difficult for people.

"We need to move with the times, car parks are safer.”

Coun Andy Semple said: “I think we should support a market, but it  shouldn’t be competing with local traders.

"I think the Riverside Car Park would be perfect.

"I think we should start small. We don’t want the wrong stalls in the wrong location on the wrong day.”

Mayor Alan Smith said: “We are a market town, this is an ideal time to take it forward but we have to work out the best location.”

He suggested trying various sites and added: “It’s not simply about setting it up, we have to get market traders.”
They agreed to recommend the riverside location and ask Allerdale which traders were interested.
Coun Julie Laidlow suggested having it on a Monday. It was agreed that a weekend market would have too much competition from other ones nearby.