SCHOOLCHILDREN from St Herbert's Church of England Primary and Nursery School have been putting together a presentation to raise awareness of disabilities, and accessibility, as part of their Centre for Leaderships Performance Bright Stars programme, in association with Calvert Trust Lake District, in Keswick.

The Calvert Trust is a registered charity that for over 40 years has been welcoming guests with disabilities to their centre, so that they can enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities in a safe and accessible, yet challenging environment.

St Herbert's School has been making logs of their journey, and have said of this activity: "This week we have had our weekly Zoom with The Calvert Trust and Rosie Cumell, the fundraising officer at the Calvert Trust, invited 2 more members of the Fundraising team from the Calvert Trust to listen to our presentations.

Rosie was impressed with how we asked lots of questions to engage our audience.

Listening to the positive comments about our presentations helped us the next day when we presented our learning to the younger classes in the school hall with a big screen to show our PowerPoints."

The kids will be doing more work on this in the future.