FIRE crews at Whitehaven were called out last night to an incident in Cleator Moor after an attempted fire in an abandoned building.

At 8:20pm yesterday, June 11 Whitehaven Fire Service were called out to the derelict Derby Arms Pub, on Ennerdale Road were it was believed that youth's had tried to set some rubbish inside the building on fire.

Firefighter's quickly dealt with the incident,ensuring the incident did not esculate.

Rachel Cockelty, a firefighter at the scene said: "We want to advise the public to stop dumping rubbish in these derelict building's as it causes a big risk."

"Were getting quite a lot of derelict buildings like this around Whitehaven, that are getting full of rubbish then people trying to set it on fire and also with lockdown, we've found that more people are just dumping thing's."