The Brampton Poets Club, as well as the Brampton Film Club, a separate group, are finally back after many months spent in hiatus.

David Bamford, one of the people responsible for running the group, spoke of the return: "We are happy to be back and showing films again every Saturday night at 8:00pm at the Brampton Community Centre.

"For our first showing, we showed Dark Waters, a legal drama starring Mark Ruffalo, and we managed to get 25 people in attendance.

"At the moment we have a limit of thirty people because of the current coronavirus lockdown restrictions and guidelines.

"Before Covid, however, at our peak, we had just over one-hundred members, and attendance goes up to eighty or ninety.

"The club exists for people who love films, and we meet every Saturday to watch a film, we also run a poets club.

"The poets club is a space for people who either write poetry, or love poetry, to meet up and have breakfast at the Brampton Community Centre".

"People bring their poetry, or thoughts, they have written down, and we discuss it all together.

"A book of poetry written by members of the club has been published as well."