A new stage school is opening in Haltwhistle

Hannah Lucy Stage School is opening its first, official studio, with the money raised by the valiant efforts of her students in a sponsored walk.

Speaking of the background to her opening the studio, Hannah Finnigan, the owner of the business, said: "I have been teaching in vilage halls putting on classes.

"I started in Februrary 2016, and I used to teach in Yorkshire.

"My main reason for coming to Haltwhistle and opening my own studio is that there is nothing in the area like this, and it has always been my passion and dream to open a dance studio.

The sponsored walk was not Hannah's idea, however: "It was one of my students who suggested it to me.

"With the last year being so bad financially, one of my year six students suggested doing a sponsored walk, and she wanted to walk Hadrian's Wall."

Of all of the students who walked, their youngest walker was Niall, ages 3.

Ebony, pictured in her living room, walked 74 miles in an amazing effort across Hadrian's Wall.

"We looked for a realistic mileage to aim for, but we achieved 236 miles collectively.

"In total there were sixteen of my students that took part.

The reaction could not have been better: "I am quite overwhelmed by it.

"We completely smashed the £1000 mark which we initially set as a target.

"It just shows the generosity of people and the team spirit.

"Everyone just wants to help everyone else.

"Everyone is supportive, and it is making my job much easier."

To date they have raised a whopping £1582.

Their opening day is set for Sunday the 27th of June, with the grand opening starting at 12:00pm.

Hannah is a qualified dance teacher registered with the British Theatre and Dance Association.

She offers a range of classes including ballet, tap, modern and street dance so there is something for everyone.