THREE organisations behind a major development in Carlisle city centre have refused to rule out knocking down a prominent art-deco building – sparking a strong response from readers.

Carlisle City Council, Cumbria County Council and the University of Cumbria were all asked about the future of the Woolworths Building on English Street.

There are fears the building could be knocked down to make way for the £50m plans to turn the nearby Carlisle citadels into a new university campus.

The plans for the development were unveiled in May last year. The three partners in the development issued a statement in response to the question, which did not deny that the Woolworths Building could be demolished.

Many of our readers commented. Lynda Stock said: “Wouldn’t surprise me! Who cares about Carlisle’s history and their residents? The pound notes say more than the people of the city! It’s already in the process. They only tell us when the wheels have already been put in motion. Use the eyesores and empty units in the city already and develop those, leave our historic buildings alone!”

Sarah Louise Frobisher-beeby commented: £50 million – and we are still having family's and children using food banks.”

Sammy JB added: “Why not just incorporate it into any new plans alongside the Citadels? If you go to Salford Uni they have used all their old industrial buildings to make a thriving Uni hub.”

Colin May said: “We need to keep historic buildings! We have lost too many in Carlisle.

“If it must be taken down, the facade could be saved and rebuild behind. That’s what they have done with the old bus station in Whitehaven. The old facade was too historic to demolish. It now looks fantastic.”

Marco Berti commented: “Knock down beautiful historic buildings with character and replace with modern cheap looking soulless buildings and repeat.”

Martyn Reading added: “Carlisle is slowly losing its history and heritage. What a shame!”