Readers have shared their thoughts after police rescued a dog from a hot car.

On Tuesday (June 1), officers PC 2273 and PCSO 5337 from Allerdale Police rescued the dog from "a very hot car", after a concerned member of the public called for help.

The windows of the car were open, but, the officers stressed, this is not enough to keep a dog cool in today's heat.

Sharing details of the incident on social media, the officers added: "Please remember that dogs can die in hot cars."

And now, News & Star readers have had their say on the incident, with many outraged and appalled by the behaviour of the owner.

Sonya Tiffin said: "Why would anyone with common sense leave a poor dog in a hot car?"

Pamela Timpany agreed, commenting: "That's a disgrace, don't think they would like it if someone locked them up in all this heat. Don't deserve to have any pets!"

Jessica Oliphant added: "Every single year this happens, how do people not understand yet?"

Susan James shared similar views, and said: "How many times do people have to be told?"

Naz Dee called for harsher punishments for those who leave their pets in cars, writing: "Hope they are jailed – [it]s a] nasty thing to do. It's not rocket science, is it?"

Pet Experts has shared advice on what to do if you find a dog in a hot car, stating: "Leaving a window cracked open does not serve as the antidote to keeping your pet cool.

"Signs of heatstroke include heavy panting, drooling, vomiting and a high heart rate. If you find a dog acting in this way, pour cool water over the dog.

"Feed the pet small amounts of cool water a little at a time and used cool towels to cover them. Then seek help at an emergency vet."

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