Though the property market is booming, a majority of Brits are still in private rent and a recent investigation by InventoryBase has revealed that Carlisle is one of the best for rent to income difference in the UK.

Using government data, property inspection software provider InventoryBase found that the average rent in Carlisle equated to 22.02 per cent of the average wage.

This puts Carlisle in 4th place in the UK overall.

This is lower than the UK average of 30.93 per cent, which represents a 1 per cent increase from 2019 to 2020.

The average rent per annum is £5,724.

In top spot for the cheapest area is Aberdeen where they pay on average, £6,540, which is 18.69 per cent of their wages.

Hull is next where renters use about 19.78 per cent of their rent on wages and in third place is Stoke on Trent where 21.6 per cent of wages goes on rent.

Warrick Swift, commercial director of InventoryBase, said: "While only taking into account average earnings and average rent, these findings reveal that renting in the UK is getting more expensive.

"However, our study also shows that return on investment in buy-to-let property is also sinking, thanks mainly to the rapidly accelerating property market following the shutdown last year.

"The market has been growing at a record rate since reopening last year but whether this will continue is difficult to estimate and what changes will mean for landlords and tenants.”

Renters make up about one-fifth of households in the UK, with the majority of these homes owned by private landlords. With 2020 proving difficult for homeowners and tenants alike, as well as vastly disrupting the property industry, InventoryBase analyses the current state of renting and the buy-to-let market, as well as how Covid-19 has impacted them.