A COUNCILLOR has expressed his concerns over the closure of a village post office after it was announced it would be shutting its doors for the final time.

Great Clifton Post Office will temporarily close following the resignation of the postmaster and the withdrawal of the premises at the end of June.

Peter Gaston, Allerdale Independent group councillor for the Stainburn and Great Clifton ward recalled the Post Office being in the village for as long as he could remember , which was over 60 years.

He said: “It’s a big loss to the village especially for the old age pensioners.

“It’s the centre point of the village.”

Mr Gaston feared that there may be no one who will be willing to take over the service meaning that the village would lose out on many of it’s services for good, as the venue wasn’t only used for posting letters with the elderly often using it as a way to complete other tasks.

He said: “People get their electric cards and top up for the gas at the post office so the elderly are missing out on that as well.”

The councillor said that he would try his best to look for any other ways in which he could try and fight to save the Post Office somehow.

Mr Gaston said: “I will try and look at any avenue through the council if we don’t try then we will never succeed will we. “

I will be asking some questions at the next council meeting. “

A temporary postal service has been organised to visit the village green once a week during the venue’s closure in the form of a van.

The service will begin from Thursday 15th July at 2pm with most services available.