Readers have been sharing their thoughts on the prospect of being able to fly from Carlisle once again.

Isle of Man-based company, Ettyl Limited, confirmed last month that it had signed agreements for the acquisition of Stobart Air and Carlisle Lake District Airport from Esken Limited, the aviation and energy infrastructure group.

The firm’s intention is to retain all staff currently employed by Stobart Air and Carlisle Lake District Airport.

The acquisition of the airport is a big moment for people in the area who hope it will help businesses recover and thrive.

Here’s what you, the readers, had to say.

Lots of readers were keen to mention the places they hoped and looked forward to visiting again.

Ann Devenish said: “Would be great if you could bring back the Carlisle to Dublin again.”

Sharon Joy Reynolds said: “Bring back the flights to the Channel Islands too. I can remember when I was little flying from Carlisle airport.”

Emma Butterworth said: “Can’t wait to fly to the Isle of Man to see our family.”

Will Tod said: “Fingers crossed for them that it takes off.

“The tourist link from the south is massive.

“If that works like it should then it will be fantastic.

“Choice of London airport makes or breaks it.”

Guy Brennan said: “Hope it comes off! Had a trip from Carlisle Airport to Dublin cancelled last year because of bad flying weather. So would love to try again.”

Margaret Jackson said: “Hope there will be flights from Carlisle to Belfast – will be on it.”

Nain Hayat said: “Carlisle to London—it was so convenient—I do hope it starts soon.”

Readers also shared their hopes for the airport’s effect on local businesses.

Anna Falcon said: “Considering we’re a tourist hotspot I’m hopeful this will help the local economy.”

John Morland said: “Hope everything goes well for the new owner and [that he] makes a good profit so he can build it up.”