This week saw the reopening of cinemas across the country in line with the Government’s easing of lockdown.

Vue cinema in Carlisle announced that it would be welcoming customers back with a few changes.

As the cinema reopened on Monday 17 May, avid film-goers were again able to enjoy new releases, like Peter Rabbit 2 and Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In, and old classics, like The Lord of the Rings and Taxi Driver.

Readers were asked what they had missed the most about going to the cinema. Here’s what you had to say.

Victoria Claire Irving said: “I have really missed it, I felt really safe in there between lockdowns, big rooms well ventilated and excellent Covid precautions – I can’t wait to come back.”

Jacob Rodgers said he has missed the escapism offered by taking a trip to the big screen.

He said: “Forgetting about my worries and problems. [The]cinema helps me do that. Couple of hours watching a fantasy film. [I] love to be in the world with lightsabers and stuff.”

In response to the question, Andrea Reynolds simply replied: “Everything!”

William Fairchild said: “Watching the latest films on the big screen where they belong.”

Kelly Dawson reminded us that there are some annoyances that won’t be avoided when people return to the cinema.

In response to the question, she said: “Listening to a load of people open crisp packets at the most crucial part of the film.”