ON DEMAND: The Kominsky Method s3 (Netflix, from Fri)

The comedy drama is back – but it’s the show’s last-ever run. Michael Douglas stars as star-turned-acting coach Sandy – and he’s reunited with his Romance in the Stone/Jewel of the Nile/War of the Roses co-star Kathleen Turner, who becomes a regular cast member as Sandy’s ex-wife Roz.

SATURDAY: Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (BBC1, 8pm)

Yes, it’s back, live from Rotterdam with commentary by Graham Norton. The UK’s hopes rest on James Newman, who was due to represent us in 2020. For 2021 he’s going with the new track Embers, which he hopes will capture the more upbeat mood.

SUNDAY: The Pursuit of Love (BBC1, 9pm)

It’s already the final episode of Emily Mortimer’s glorious adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s most famous novel. We rejoin Linda, living her best life in Paris alongside her new wealthy lover. Back in England, Fanny feels trapped in her own unexciting marriage to Alfred. When war breaks out and threatens to tear Europe apart, will Linda and Fanny be able to reconcile before it’s too late?

MONDAY: The Year Britain Stopped (C4, 9pm)

The country is just starting to open up again, so perhaps now is the right time to look back at the lockdown. Ordinary folk discuss what happened to them, including a single mother whose son went missing, while scientists and frontline workers describe their experiences.

TUESDAY: The Money Maker (C4, 9pm)

Having previously made tech companies millions, Eric Collins has now hit on a new business that could send profits stratospheric – a mobile barber service that can be booked via an app.

WEDNESDAY: Before We Die (C4, 9pm)

Lesley Sharp takes the lead role of Hannah Laing, a senior police detective whose married lover, fellow officer Sean Hardacre, goes missing in mysterious circumstances.

THURSDAY: Dragons’ Den (BBC One, 8pm)

Among tonight’s hopefuls are a couple who face a roasting from the tycoons over their projections for their vitamin-infused coffee.

FRIDAY: This Time with Alan Partridge (BBC1, 9.30pm)

This week Alan’s on a mission which seems, on paper at least, like it should be much more to his taste – taking to the skies for a flight in a Spitfire. Meanwhile, Jennie meets up with her online troll, and the new band Cayman perform live in the studio.