Readers have given their views on the idea of introducing a longer school day so pupils who have lost teaching time in the Covid lockdown can take part in social and academic activities, a report suggests.

A three-year funding package of £13.5bn is required in England to reverse the disruption to pupils’ education due to the pandemic, according to the Education Policy Institute think tank.

Ministers should extend school hours, offer more incentives for teachers to work in “challenging areas”, and allow some pupils to retake the year as part of its education recovery plans, the report said.

Here’s what you thought:

Jessica Oliphant posted: “At what point was the Government's management of the pandemic the kids’ fault, why punish them?

“Mental health issues are already sky high, here’s to the influx of kids with burn-out.

“Teachers have their own families at home, they have enough work on.”

Keith Cartwright said: “Later start to the day as pupils get older with less time off during the summer months. Six to seven weeks is far too long between terms.”

Jana Falcon said: “Who on earth calls for this, kids won’t be able to concentrate so what’s the point?

“Yes things need to be done maybe different and change but not longer days, who ever comes up with this doesn’t have kids.”

Anne Gadsden posted: “Totally not, the school system is already too stressful for kids. They need more fun and play (even older kids).

"Education should expand the mind and be joyful, it’s turned into a rigid stressful, target-driven factory.”