The second season of the hit ITV drama, Innocent, was filmed in different locations in Cumbria.

Innocent was filmed on location in the Lake District and Ireland in 2020.

Producer Jeremy Gwilt revealed it was tricky filming during the pandemic.

He said: "In March 2020 we had to suspend through until the end of August. Once we got back on the road, it just meant that in order to start filming in Ireland, every single artist had to spend 14 days locked up in a hotel room in what was called restricted movement, which basically meant you could have a little walk by the sea and maybe buy something from the local supermarket."

Fellow executive producer Chris Lang said basing the story in the Lake District was a key part of the show.

Where did Innocent series two film?

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  • The core CID team (including DI Mike Braithwaite, played by Shaun Dooley) filmed the police station and interrogation scenes in a bubble in Dublin.

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  • The series focuses on Keswick, where protagonist Sally Wright grew up, and which was rocked when she was convicted of murder five years ago.

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  • The old Crown Court in Carlisle also features in the series.