A hit ITV drama set in Cumbria will air on our screens tonight (Monday, May 17).

Innocent was filmed in different locations across the county and following the critical acclaim and ratings success of the first series the show will return to our screens tonight.

In this second, standalone series, Katherine Kelly will take the leading role of Sally Wright who is fighting, against all odds, to prove her innocence.

The show will be aired over four nights on ITV at 9pm from Monday to Thursday.

But for those who missed the first series here is a run down of what happened.

What happened during series one of ITV's Innocent?

The first season was all about uncovering the real killer of Tara, after husband David was wrongly convicted.

In the end, it was revealed that David’s brother, Phil, was the culprit.

When David was released from his prison after being exonerated, it was his brother who sacrificed everything to help him.

Phil picked his sibling up as soon as he walked free, gave him money and a place to live.

He even ended his relationship over his fight to prove David’s innocence.

But, it turned out, this was all down to a guilty conscience.

During a heart-to-heart with his brother, Phil eventually exposed the real reason he murdered Tara.

Apparently, he made a pass at her and when she rejected his sexual advances, he attacked her with a hammer.

During the final episode, long-suffering father David was finally reunited with his children after seven years apart.