A man who poured protein powder over his girlfriend and later sent her 100 love notes, has admitted stalking and controlling behaviour.

Rhys Cameron Burr, of Loop Road North, Whitehaven, pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, interfering with a vehicle and endangering a road user, and stalking involving serious alarm or distress, when he appeared in court on Wednesday.

Workington Magistrates’ Court was told that Burr, 21, had been in a relationship with the victim, Zoe Hodgson.

The offences took place between June and November last year.

The court was told that in June, Miss Hodgson had picked Burr up in her BMW and he had accused her of cheating.

He grabbed the steering wheel and didn’t allow her to get back on the right side of the road. He also put the handbrake on while she was driving.

The court heard that on another occasion, he had thrown keys at the back of Miss Hodgson’s head.

Pam Fee, prosecuting, said: “He constantly asked her who she was with and used Snapchat to locate exactly where she was. He made her turn on the find your phone app on her phone.”

In another incident, he picked up her phone and smashed it beyond repair. He then grabbed the door and stopped her from leaving. He told her she wasn’t allowed to leave and placed his body in front of the door.

The court was told that on another occasion, he had poured protein powder over her.

Ms Fee said the victim had ended the relationship in September and they agreed to give each other space but he continued to message her and asked her friends what she was doing.

They told him to leave her alone and Miss Hodgson blocked his number, the court was told.

During another incident, Miss Hodgson saw Burr parked outside her house. She heard banging outside and saw he was kicking and punching her car.

When she looked out, she saw him scratch his keys along the car. He then gave her a smug look and flagged her off, the court heard.

Ms Fee said he had later taken her phone and deleted a video of him “smashing up” the car.

On November 28, Burr went to the victim’s house on four occasions and sent 100 love notes and chocolates.

The court was told that Burr was “constantly messaging her and her friends”, and “would turn up at random places”.

“It’s been quite a traumatic few months on her”, Ms Fee said.

Mike Pope, defending, said: “There is a mental health element.”

The case was sent to crown court for sentencing.

In the meantime, Burr must not contact the victim, or go to three named addresses.

He must also adhere to a 10pm to 6am curfew.