SHOPPERS have bid a fond farewell to Carlisle's Debenham's store which has closed for the final time yesterday.

The retail chain had been one of the casualties of the Coronavirus lockdown and the store in the Lanes Shopping Centre, and West Tower Street, recently reopened only to sell off its remaining stock.

Shopper Ewa Janowicz, who has lived in Carlisle since 2016, said: "I think it is very sad because I'm afraid that Carlisle will soon be a ghost town, there will soon be no place to go and buy clothes."

Her husband Sebastian Janowicz said: "Yes I think it is sad, one more nice place less to visit in the city centre."

Pavlina Alekandrova, who's lived in Carlisle for two years, said: "I'm so sad, after my work yesterday I ran to Debenhams but they were closed and today they were closed at 1pm so I have not been able to get to Debenhams before they closed down."

Joseph Forsyth, 38, was out shopping with Donna Wilson, 34.

Joseph, from Carlisle, said: "It will be a big miss for my family and it will be missed by a lot of people."

Donna said: "It will be a big miss for people with families because because of the different ranges of cloths that you get in there.

"It has been part of Carlisle for everyone."

Debbie Mcgraw, from Carlisle, said: "It's really sad and I think it is a shame for the town centre.

"I feel very sorry for the staff who are losing their jobs."

Raymond Tanner, 39, from Brampton, said: "It is sad to see it going but most people shop online nowadays."

Debenhams has already announced 52 store closures on May 8, including the Workington store, which closed for the last time on Sunday.

Earlier this month a spokesman for the retailer said: “We are now heading into the final days of our closing down sale and this is the very last chance for our customers to take advantage of some incredible deals.

"Over the next 10 days, Debenhams will close its doors on the high street for the final time in its 242 year history."

The remaining stores across the country will close by Saturday.