Plans to build 90 homes next to a busy Whitehaven road have been lodged.

Outline planning permission to build 100 homes at the top of Harras Road was given the go-ahead by Copeland Council in 2017.

And now an application for full planning permission to build a total of 90 homes on the plot of land at Harras Dyke Farm has been submitted.

The plans, which were originally lodged as two separate applications of 85 and five homes, are now under consultation before being put before Copeland Council’s planning panel.

It is one of three major housing developments planned for the site.

Plans for a major 370-home estate at Harras Moor were rejected by councillors in September 2019, after residents raised concerns over increased traffic flow.

However, the scheme will be put before Copeland Council’s planning panel again at a future date, as members voted against the officers’ recommendation to approve.

Another application to build 11 homes at Harras Moor was also given the go-ahead nearly two years ago. However, the scheme has not progressed any further since outline planning permission was granted.

The latest plans for 90 homes have been submitted by SRE Associates, on behalf of the applicant, Site Evolution Limited.

Entry to the site would be via Harras Road and a new footpath would be connected to Red Lonning.

Two children’s play areas are included in the plans, as well as a community area with seats and picnic tables and an open space suitable for community events.

The developer says it is a “well-considered, attractive residential development”, with a wide choice of two-storey houses that reflect market demand in the area.

It includes a mix of two to five-bedroom homes and all larger properties will have garages. Private parking is provided for all remaining plots.

A United Utilities underground water apparatus runs across the front of the site. The developer said it will minimise any potential conflict with this by using a single foul sewer which will exit the development under the proposed new site access road and will then be laid under Harras Road.

The original plans had been submitted as two separate applications as they included five self-build plots but this is no longer the case and the site is now one complete development.