Bosses of Whitehaven’s marina have carried out work on the Crow’s Nest and it is just step one of a series of refurbishments on the way.

Cleaning and maintenance work has been carried out on the Crow's Nest in Whitehaven, an iconic image of the town.

And John Baker, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners' chief executive has “a long list” of further improvements to be made around the marina.

John said: “We have some painting to do on the inner dome structure which will be completed next week.

“There’s a number of assets along the harbour that need quite a bit of work.

“The Crow's Nest is one of those that we’re trying to address. It looks an awful lot better than it did.”

A first phase of maintenance on the outside of the dome took place at the end of last week with a rope and access team.

“It’s another tick off a long list,” said John.

“We’d love to get the wave back up and running with lights.”

Marina bosses hope to give the people of Whitehaven a harbour to be proud of.

“The harbour is a big place to keep clean and keep maintained but that’s what we’re looking to do,” said John.

“Once we’ve got them to the gold standard we want them to be, we’ll look after them from that point as well.

“We’re coming off the back of a Covid year which has hit our income significantly. Depending on different types of funding when we get them we’ll be able to put those plans in place."

He added: “Hopefully people can see that we’re trying to do things around the harbour.”

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners want the public to have their say.

John said: “We’re always open to listen to people if anyone has any ideas, we have an open door here.”