Record producer, Northern Sounds is set to release a 12” compilation album featuring the best in bands and solo artists from Carlisle.

The compilation album features 12 tracks, all from different people, recorded at different studios and with different producers and will be pushed by Vinyl Cafe, HMV, Carlisle Eden Mind and Carlisle Living.

Northern Sounds produced two of the tracks during lockdown and because of the ensuing pandemic was not able to work with the artists in the studio.

He said about the project: “With what’s happened in lockdown and venues not being open, the music scene has suffered somewhat because bands can’t get out and play to audiences and not do what they love to do so the idea was to put out a record with as many bands on as possible for people to discover or reconnect with bands they like.”

With 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the charity Carlisle Eden Mind, the record will be on sale throughout Mental Health Awareness Week on Monday May 10 to Sunday May 16.

Northern Sounds said: “I’ve not done something like this for charity before and thought it might help do some good at the same time as getting the music out there.”

About the charity he explained: “The reason I chose Mind was because mental health is still so stigmatised today. There’s still plenty of people not talking about it and that’s a great shame.”

The new and upcoming producer is a mixing and mastering engineer based in Carlisle and freelances out of a studio in Dumfries called Circa16.

So far he’s worked with new acts Jamie McGraw and Palo Alto, both reaching great numbers on Spotify.

Palo Alto have even been shared by Robert Carlyle on Twitter.

The record is available to pre-order 10th May - 16th May and will start to be pressed after this date (to avoid over/under orders).

The compilation album features a wild variation of styles and genres from psychedelic disco to stripped back acoustic.

Optimistic for the record, Northern Sounds said: “I just want as many people to listen to it as possible, the bands to get new fans, and for us to raise as much as we possibly can for the charity.”

Northern Sounds said that if the record does well there will be a follow-up in the works.