A Carlisle-born mum of two has been hit with a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Nurse Victoria Fisher is determined to spend as much time as possible with her sons after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

On Friday, the 39-year-old was told that her breast cancer had spread to her liver and lungs, and while chemotherapy would prolong life, she has months to live.

Vicky was born in Dumfries, and was taken into foster care by a couple. After her foster-mum's first husband passed away, she moved to Carlisle at the age of seven and was adopted by her foster mum and her new husband.

She lived in the city for two decades along with her four siblings, before moving to Nottingham ten years ago to be closer to her family.  

Vicky’s close friend, Krystle Thomas, described the admiration she had for her.

She said: “Vicky has not had the easiest of lives - I’ve known her since 2013, and I’ve always admired how strong she is. If it was me, I don’t think I could’ve got through it.

“Each thing that happens, she just pulls herself together and gets on with it. I really admire her.”

Single parent Vicky is mum to two boys, a 16-year-old and a 11-year-old.

In the hope that she can spend time with her children, Krystle has launched a go-fund-me page to get through some of Vicky’s bucket list.

The fundraiser has already brought in more than £4,000.

Krystle added: “She was still working as a nurse when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said she would be back at work that week - that’s just how she is, she just wants to get on with things.

“On Friday she was told it had spread and that it was terminal. She was absolutely devastated, I think the reality hit in that she may never see her boys growing up.

“I set up the page initially to pay for maybe a wig and some makeup, because she’s always been so glamorous. Because it’s now terminal, I’ve changed it to say she wants to do a bucket list and spend time with her boys making as many memories as she can and not have to think about things like bills.

“She’s an amazing person - let’s get her out and doing things, and get her enough to do a proper bucket list.”

To donate to Krystle’s fundraiser, visit www.gofundme.com/f/giving-victoria-her-glam-and-sparkle-back.