Readers have shared their views over traffic problems on a busy school road have been described as “absolute hell” and “complete carnage” by two leading councillors.

Mayor of Whitehaven, Brian O’Kane and councillor Carl Walmsley are among those to voice concerns over the amount of traffic in the Red Lonning area, near Campus Whitehaven, which houses St Benedict’s Catholic High School and Mayfield School.

The road is gridlocked during peak times and Coun Walmsley fears there will soon be a serious accident.

Coun O’Kane says the situation is also a “complete nightmare” for residents living on the nearby estates.

Readers expressed their own concerns over the issue on social media.

Rachel Gaythwaite said: "Parking and traffic around the residential areas is getting much worse. The corner of Sandringham Avenue is a serious risk for car collisions and at Jubilee Road there are often cars parked both sides.

"Residents either meet an oncoming car at Sandringham Avenue or they can’t get out of estate for oncoming traffic dropping children off. I heard a while ago about discussions about making Red Lonning one way which would definitely help the chaos."

Victoria Johnson commented: "It's crazy - someone will be hurt. Complete road rage. Too many cars. People just stopping and letting kids off on busy roads. Kids trying to cross. Really needs to be rethought."

Paul Whalley wrote: "The problem goes away completely if students walked. No cars, no accidents - it worked in the past. No danger in walking if no cars.

"Plus it tackles the obesity problem that exists in many youngsters."

Martin Pattinson said: "I grew up round there and the traffic has always been horrendous.

"It doesn’t help half of them could walk anyway."

Gemma Pattinson posted: "The situation is completely out of control! There is absolutely no regard for people living in these estates.

"Smaller kids from the estates are walking to their primary school and it's a miracle none of them have been run over. Something needs done ASAP."