Analysts at payments provider Dojo have revealed the top 10 brands most used in phishing SMS attacks by fraudsters, to scam people across the UK and in Cumbria.

The data looked at the number of Google searches for well-known text scams and discovered how these have become more prevalent over the past couple of months.

The brand with the largest increase in scam texts is the delivery service Hermes, with 880 searches for 'Hermes scam text' in March.

Over the last month, these search volumes have increased to 633% with the scammers asking potential victims to pay a shipping fee to receive their package.

Second on the list is the British postal service Royal Mail, with 133k people searching for 'Royal Mail scam text' in the month of March alone.

This delivery service has seen a massive search increase of 610% in the last month, with many scammers trying to impersonate the company to retrieve the details of unsuspecting customers.

The Royal Mail scam tells a similar story to Hermes, with the scammers asking people to pay a shipping fee before their package is delivered.

It wasn't just delivery services that saw scammers take advantage of, but also the DVLA. In the past month searches for 'DVLA text scam' have shot up from 450 searches in February to 2,150 searches in March.

This scam seems to see fraudsters impersonating the DVLA to offer the victim a vehicle tax refund, directing unsuspecting people to an online page where they're tricked into inserting their details.

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