Concerts are alive with the sound of music.

The Cumbrian music scene has a vast array of talent that stretches from Metal bands to the folk and traditional or solo act.

Many have been tuning into their favourites via online concerts in artists' living rooms just to remember what it feels like to experience a live show.

This week we asked readers to give their views on what concerts and gigs they were looking forward to most after the coronavirus lockdown.

Readers have given their views on who and where to look out for.

We’ve compiled some of the most popular attractions - in no particular order - for you to check out.

1. The Brickyard , Carlisle

At Richmond Hall, 14 Fisher St, this classy venue space has been running for ten years and is Carlisle's only full time live music venue.

Very popular among residents, The venue has a capacity of 320 people and plans for a silent disco event are set for June 26 with The Rifles planning on visiting for July 9.

2. The Sands Centre, Carlisle

Referred to by Cumbrians as the "Madison Square Garden of Cumbria," the Sands Centre has been sorely missed by many during lockdown. From international artists to local talent, the Sands Centre hosts anyone who can put up a spectacular show. Here Come the Boys are planning to return in June 22 with three of Strictly's most popular dance superstars who will take their audience on a dance extravaganza.

The Sands Centre have a plethora of acts all ready to greet post-lockdown guests in the Summer.

3. Carnegie Theatre & Arts, Workington

There are concerts, plays and shows at this beloved Edwardian theatre.

Anne Widdecombe will be visiting audiences for an evening on July 30 as well as The Floyd Effect - The Pink Floyd Show scheduled for July 31.

4. Theatre By The Lake, Keswick

“The most beautifully located and friendly theatre in Britain.” What is there not to love about this venue space?

A popular attraction for tourists and residents, the theatre has been eager to get back to action during a lengthy stretch of silence in lockdown.

From battle of the bands winners to The Bootleg Beatles, many readers agreed that they can't wait to get back into the stalls to enjoy some local and national talent.

Writer, Marina Carr has adapted Virginia Woolfe's To The Lighthouse for the stage and is one of the first theatre shows to be going ahead in July.

5. The Source, Carlisle

Open mic nights and local talent summarise another popular venue space in Carlisle.

Tickets are currently on sale for the electrifying event ,Wild on The Wall 2021 that will see Hardwicke Circus and Chris Jagger returning to play in August this year.